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On my workbench

What is currently on my workbench?

Quick entry to the latest uploaded items. Generally there are multiple projects under development but not all show the same progress.

Latest updates to the website

  • practically most modelling effort is flowing into finishing my layout Waimes: landscaping
    phase 2 for the 3 last modules of Waimes such as bushes and adding signals.
  • New trial to finish old work on the P8: a new designed 3D printed cab for a P8
    an attempt to finish an old project with a fresh 3D printed top to save lots of work in making boiler claddings.
  • Type 25/26: Current work is on converting a Br50 into a type 25 with a newly 3D printed boiler: LINK to type 25 part2
    This will be a new low profile project to convert a rtr-model into a FS160 loco, the earlier scratch built type 25 is now being equiped with a sound decoder.
  • Hbis wagons: Link to the new Hbis wagons designed and built for a friend during lockdown.
    CNC milled polystyrene for the original models from 1964, as well as 3D printed versions for the later models.

under development

  • some new loads for wagons and producing signals for waimes

copyright: Henk Oversloot
date: 4 oct 2016