This view shows the front of the station. This is built to drawings of the one standing in St. Huibrechts-Lille. This was a standard design of the Great Central Belge built around 1890, about 20 were built and about 4 in the same style are left along the line, part in private hands. Only in Mol and Neerpelt these still have there original function. The facade on the platform side was built up of over 500 individual cut pieces of plastic, this was then cast in resin for to produce the front facade only needing a bit of rearranging of the wing and doors. The cafe at the other side of the street is still to let. It is built in paper in mirror view to the original in Eine against the station. The pavestones around the cafe are from paper, a much more succesful method than the rather coarse plastic around the station. The hotel on the left was a building standing in Hamont near the station. station.