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Landscaping modules

Green everywhere?

This is a fiNe-scale model in a landscape.

photo of T16 on module

A summer landscape, wouldn't you love to go on holiday here? Be sure that 87% of this photo is a model.

Preparation for tree planting day at Splitveld. Although 45 wire skeletons for bushes and small trees sound quite a lot it is only just sufficient to cover an area of about 8 x 20 cm. The photo shows skeletons made with 4 and 5 loops of 0.3 mm coated steel wire. These take a few minutes a piece and form a basic frame that will be smeared with some white glue and than receive some netting. The netting can be home produced from sheep wool (prefer brown sheep) with ground foam glued with hair spray or some commercial foliage material. The preferred material currently is stuff like Naturex from the Polak range which has a good range of blended colours and is finer than other brands.

wire skeletons

30 wire skeletons

freshly planted trees

Converted into small trees and planted along the railway edge, some blending with the airbrush cannot do harm.

For large areas that should bring bushed impressions this method costs too much time. Certainly when the bushes are only visible in the background, the bushes in the back on Bovigny were done in an entirely different way using filtermat and plucks of horse hair. This way of landscaping is described under the bushed area entry here: link to bushed areas

The same materials and tools can be used for hedges : link to quick hedges method freshly made hedge

G8 with train

One of the earliest attempts in landscaping, re-done with fresh water and grass.

V36 with train

More on tree construction and landscaping materials can be found in dedicated pages.

copyright: Henk Oversloot
date: 28 jan 2003