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About the site

These are private pages maintained by Henk Oversloot for the purpose of spreading knowledge of modelling to higher standards in a scale of 1 : 160. This is a new attempt to order my growing collection of articles into a more coherent web site.

I hope these page help to create an interest into modelling in FS160. If you have specific questions about modelling certain aspects I can only advise you to become member of FREMO and the 2 MM Scale Association. There you can enjoy the fruits of knowledge of many more members who communicate over the Fremo forum and have fun at meetings. That is my preferred way and also gives occasion to explain modelling aspects to a wider audience and far greater depth. The published content may be used in private projects as starter for your own initiatives but are not in any way meant as an invitation to send orders for specific parts or models.
This site shows to be regularly crawled by dubious information collecting machines thus in order to minimize spam I do not publish a direct linkable mail address. But if you have an urge you may contact me at

About the author

The author has an engineering degree in physics and is working as research engineer to implement renewable energy in the building environment. Specific subjects are in heat transport phenomena such as application of solar thermal energy, shading and light control in façades for enhancing of comfort etc. My personal modelling interest is in modelling Belgian State Railways, period of 1950 and onwards but I have the Dutch nationality.


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