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Used wagons by design

Modern techniques allow to give an used look to your new wagons

NMBS photo
This photo taken from a NMBS document with a description of wagons for customers shows a type 2211 A1 that has non flat side walls due to the use of thin steel that already deforms during the construction of the wagon. The A1 is the version with 4 vents on the roof. This photo predates the UIC renumbering around in 1958. Considering the number it must be in green livery, also it doesn't have roller bearings yet.

C4d grid
The 3D program showing a grid that can be modified to produce all kinds of effects.

Preview of a test run with the non flat side. Initially the grid was a bit too coarse making the result look somewhat overdone but some further smoothing will refine the final result.

Glued together between a type 1225B2 wagon with rolling roof and a new G10 trial, see closed wagon

The test version painted brown, bits and pieces still to be added. The newer run received its cage for the paper work in left hand corner. This wagon is equiped with roller bearings.

This is how the Om52 comes out ot the machine, this is a double sided milling excercise. The piece of card is turned around and the other side gets done requiring high precision in positioning and depth control.

Two of the new Om52 only requiring decals to finish. The interior detail is visible in the replication of the profile curve of the sides and profiles around and on the door.

copyright: Henk Oversloot
date: 18 okt 2012
date: 15 dec 2013