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More coaches from the 3D printer.

After the succesfull M1 other coaches are of interest for international traffic such as the I1 and the short baggage van.

Method: 3D print

Developing the I1 is fully similar to the M1 coaches. Consulting a drawing of H. de Bleser, knowledge of the nominal size of windows and rivetted strips and viewing the rare photo's on internet etc. a 3D drawing can be made. Of course also here there are some learning points which require modifications in the printing process to obtain a better result, but the first print already made it into running example for some test runs on a Fremo meeting, albeit with still failing items such as battery boxes, steps etc.


Images with the 11 seem to be extremely rare on internet. The above shows one, probably in new condition, somewhere half in the 1930's, most likely an original NMBS photograph with the new logo in the lower left corner. The colour seems to be the dark blue/khakyish-beige livery with a greyish-black roof and with the center rivet strip in black, the CFB-BSM logo was replaced by the B logo halfway the 1930's.


This is my first approach based on the drawing of H. de Bleser. Comparing it to the above photo shows that the roof ends probably should be a bit 'fuller'.

to be followed up with further images....

The floor was positoned 0.5 mm higher to prevent having to mill spaces for the wheel flanges. Unfortunately this lead to some dents in the sides because of the interior. Thus on the newer versions the interior is a sepearate print with the coach having interior spacers similar to the Nohab print to keep them straight and parallel during the printing and curing. The roof was printed separate like the M1.The fFloor will be a metal sheet, probably with printed battery boxes, and some footboards from thin metal. Bogies are similar to the M1 Pennsylvania type with rollerbearings, but one bogie should have an axle driven generator, like the K1/K2 cowches.

The short bagage coach seem to have the same coach ends and roof cross section as the I1, but it is a bit shorter and has only some small windows (i.e. the toilet sized ones) with a set of doors similar to the door in the M1 bagage compartment. Thus this coach forms a case of copy and paste from drawings already available.
Of interest too are the generator wagons, which where rebuilts of these short bagage wagons in later life for use with modern coaches with electric heating behind green diesels equiped with only steam heating. Locating a drawing in my undocumented archive is probably most of the work. Searching for an old article in Spoorwegjournal is probably the first approach imto sources for this coach.

copyright: Henk Oversloot
date: 12 Nov 2022