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small tender locomotives

Family portrait of two Preussian locos T9 on the left, T11/T12 on the right
The T9 is a reconstructed FLM body and home built splitaxle chassis and 8 mm 2 mm SA wheels.
T11 is Arnold with motor replaced by 1212 FH 6V and extra reduction gear between motor and worm but with standard 9.5 mm N wheels.
Another version of this model exists with larger bunker. You can fit 9.5 mm Ballantine wheels but axle diameter needs to be enlarged and the spoke number is not correct (14 spokes instead of 16, photo not available)

close up of the somewhat battered T9, brass flywheel is very visible, Walschaerts motion replaced by fretted components in steel and NS. A waterslide decal set is waiting on the shelf, but repairs are due first.

The inside of the T9, clear view of the 13mm flywheel and the mounting of the decoder. This is the DCX73 decoder, which I can highly recommend. The worm visible is a 2.5mm module 0.2 worm from the former Verbeck range. It is driving a 40 teeth module 0.2 wormwheel, which has a 10 teeth module 0.4 soldered to it driving a 15 teeth module 0.4 on the center axle. Splitaxle construction is classic using tufnol blocks at the cylinders and at back on which the motor is mounted. Frameplates are 0.5 mm phosphor bronze screwed with M 1.4? to the tufnol blocks, front screws are hidden below the cylinders, back one normally hidden below the boxes on the loco body. The axles are in vertical slots using a pcb keeper plate fitted with 2 screws fore and aft into the tufnol blocks. The pony is also fitted with the front screw. The cylinders are mounted to the bit of PCB screwed on top which also does also carry the Walschaerts motion. The front of the loco shows two springs between the frame plates that serve as pick-up from the pony and give downward pressure to it. The air cylinder in front is slotted and soldered to the frameplates. The cab is fitted by a screwed hook with BA16 thread (M0.8 equivalent) through the bufferbeam into the tufnol block.

some atmosphere on Spaubeke

copyright: Henk Oversloot
date: 29 april 2003