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concrete along the line

Ideas for filling up an empty space on your layout can be hard to find. One of those that didn't pass the selection was this concrete mill with rail connection along line 38 (all disappeared by now).

The extension of Splitveld Fabriek has been barren for years just by lack of good ideas on what to built on both sides of the main track. Not that there were no ideas at all, but they all lacked something and one got even as far as started and then was removed again. Most ideas never got further than a simple sketch that was layed aside. A colleague modeller remarked that once upon a time along most lines in Belgium there existed more derelict and disfunctional industries than still active ones. Which made me remember that I had a small collection of photos from a bike trip along line 38 which is a bicycle path nowadays. In between several tens of other photos of other derelict industry buildings there was this nice, but probably too modern concrete producer, it is a nice collection of weathered derelict buildings that would fit a space and may form a nice cameo. That is if you can master the necessary weathering, but if you never start than you will never finish too!

Some photos of the original example


Here we see a long distance view of the entire lot, main construction item seems to be corrugated iron

zooming in

Zooming in shows signs of demolished and disappeared buildings and nice and rusty silos


The curious row of concrete pipes as wall to shield it from the railway.


view on silos and small bunkers


A large stock bunker and some conveyor belts


The other side of it alongside a building in the current version of corrugated sheet

Some items for a trial


  • One of the silos
  • the bunkers in front of the building
  • the wall behind it to get grasp on the weathering techniques
  • Effectively this idea didn't pass the test for Splitveld and was replaced by Maiserie and further buildings based on the canal zone in Leuven, but still these items may turn up in an entirely different setting.

    copyright: Henk Oversloot
    date: 25 november 2012