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FREMO related information

All Fremo meetings are cancelled until 31 Aug 2020.

This page carries information to Fremo related activities. In the top left menu you can still find a list of drawings of the officially listed modules of the N group to 2007, the year of schism by the creation of a coarse scale N group within Fremo. Since then the list is no longer maintained
This page carries information about upcoming events with fiNe-scale representation.

Events in 2020

Events in 2020 with fiNe-scale representation

  • Rheine, spring meeting, 3 - 6 AprilCancelled due to COVID-19 measures.
  • to be decided later
get more information about meetings via the responsible organiser anounced on Fremo-net.eu

events with other fiNe-scale representation

    Currently none

Rheine 2020

Cancelled 3 - 6 April.. All meetings are cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic until furhter notice. For details see official info on Fremo website

Planned set-up in hall :

Graphic timetable:
Preliminary versions 8/3/2020: Altenau-Wasserburg