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Modelling hypothetical models

To get from your virtual model into an actual model a 3d printer is an excellent medium. At the same time you can easily use your virtual models to visualise actions that would take extraneous effort to realise in model.

Historic photo material

This project started out on reading Bas' book on the French SNCF railway transport in the 60's, this book is full of lovely pictures many of which show wagon and loads. There are some lovely photo's with pallets and pallets loaded with sacks. Of course such scenic items come very useful in producing cameo's. Particularly so because on rebuilding of Splitveld Fabriek these things disappeared in the process. Thus a good reason to bring back this sort of items in order to generate more visually interesting areas.

The first items drawn up were a stack of 10 empty pallets to fill a corner. The next thing was a pallet stacked with sacks. Particular detail of interest here is that the sacks are not yet optimised for filling the pallet to full capacity. Thus there are still relative big gaps between the sacks which are clearly visible in the French photo's. I also lost the forklift that was once on Splitveld. Thus I drew up a new one using a flat side view picture that google came up with. This one is a bit too modern with protection bars and roof but fine as quick excercise, and the roof can be easily cut off.

The whole lot is still loosely arranged in front of Alibel and looks like this below

Scene with its pallets and pallets with sacks and forklift all printed on the Anycubic Photon.

Of course you may wonder how those pallets got there. Because all items are virtually available this is easy to visualise. Using photoshop to dissect a photo with an empty scene we can built an animation showing some action that would take up a serious part of your modelling time in 1:160.

A short animation using the available 3D files and a simple picture of the Alibel factory on Splitveld Fabriek.

scene Euro pallets with stack of sacks
scene Stack of Euro pallets
scene modern forklift

date: 7 Nov 2019