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Turnout Operating Units

Heavy Duty TOU

The original version of my TOU connected by wire to the leverframe. The mounting of the microswitch is not characteristic here due to available space.

A more modern version under test using a relay. This one is for a double slip showing 4 individually adjustable strips of pcb each with a .8 mm tube. The end of the tubes are visible here. The relays have been replaced by a Tortoise motor.

A more recent version of my TOU connected to a Tortoise.

Shows how to fix Tortoises when the depth of baseboard is less than the height of the Tortoise.

The Model Lever Version

This shows the top view of the lever in unpainted condition, with 2 rods connected to a tongue each. The rods are soldered to a tiny piece of pcb. One of these rods is connected to the lever. The pin is connected to a below baseboard microswitch.

Blown-up side view. This is a N-gauge / fiNe scale compatible point that is why the gaps are very large.The crossing gap is filled so that the fiNe-scale wheels don't drop in the overwide gap when in fiNe scale use.

Here you see the crossing. Only right hand side is N-gauge with a adjustable point gap by a movable check gauge.

copyright: Henk Oversloot
date: 15 mei 2003