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photo section under development

This section will hopefully become filled with some sparkling photos on fiNe-scale models.


This photo demonstrates the landscape possibilities of N-gauge. This is a simple landscape module that oozes summer atmosphere. Shot taken in the garden and filled in with a suitable bit of background from Denmark and some haze added.

type 26 on Splitveld Fabriek

Surrounded by buildings my Type 26 running over Splitveld Fabriek

type41 on bridge

The type 41 on Wohltorf bridge, a Fremo module built by Peter Ehrenberg.


A photo of my first G8 on the long curved module. Background photoshopped from a suitable holiday photo taken in Shropshire, UK.

american loco

A lovely weathered H0 loco against a suitable background of Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Chile. Photo of model by Peter Helmich taken at the Fremo meeting in Ubach-Palenberg 2008.


A modified FLM T16 shunting a wagon into the yard of Bovigny. The wagon is cast in polyurethane from a master constructed in polystyrene.

41.157 passing Bovigny

An overview photo of Bovigny with a class 41 passing with a short train. The loco is scratchbuilt as well as some of the wagons.

V36 with train

230.001 'Josephine' with a local goods. The first wagon is a NS GTM constructed in polystyrene.

V36 diesel

Close-up of 'Josephine', a description of the construction can be found in the loco section.


A view of Bovigny on the Rheine 2007 meeting, wood loading yard.

loaded wagons

loading of wood a Bovigny

chopped wood

close-up of the individually cut twigs

trafo transport

Trafo transport in 2008 Heinsberg meeting


some progress in modelling Waimes


same view but different angle


Results of Combine ZM and a direct USB link between a Nikon D200 camera and computer. The next 4 photos are the results of combining between 12-18 photos with manual focus changed from back to front. Aperture about F14, 2.5 s, indirect lighting by 300 W halogen lamp.


same technique.



same technique.


The maximum length of the USB cable should be less then 5 m, that turned out to be too short for this photo. The small artifacts are an indirect result of not having a direct visual control as one photos was not ideal.

Splitveld Fabriek

shunting at Splitveld Fabriek

Splitveld Fabriek

'modern' times at Splitveld Fabriek slightly doctored to add a cloudy background in Photoshop

type 26 on Splitveld Fabriek

Type 26 passing the Siroperie.