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FREMO related information

The next fiNe-scale meeting will be in

check here Waiblingen for public information

This page carries information to Fremo related activities. In the top left menu you can find the list of drawings of the officially listed modules of all N groups within Fremo. The procedure to get on this is list is very simple. Members should enrol their module with description at our list master Ulf to obtain a module number and then send the drawings to Henk. This page normally also carries information about upcoming events with fiNe-scale representation.

Events in 2017

These are still to be decided upon. But events in 2017 with prospective fiNe-scale representation

  • Waiblingen, spring meeting, around ascension day
  • Mammendorf, Southern German regional meeting
get more information about meetings via our fremo160 e-mail list at Yahoogroups, or mail the responsible organiser anounced on Fremo.eu.net

events with other fiNe-scale representation

Waiblingen 2017

Currently in planning for may 2017. For details see official info on Fremo website

current plan :
plan Schwenkheim-Montzen
plan Testa-Wasserburg
plan Bčhnau-Waimes
train tabel1
train tabel2
train tabel3
times for Waimes,Testa,Rosenheim